Lesson 3 Boost Business Productivity by Using Smartphone Apps 

Use your smartphone in order to boost your business productivity and develop your digital skills

  • Have  quicker access to all the information you need;
  • Communicate easier; 
  • Respond faster to messages, emails; 
  • Read the messages and emails received faster; 
  • Scan documents and send them via email, communication apps or social network messages; 
  • Use digital signature, sign in PDFs instead of printing and scanning documents; 
  • Make use of the multifunctional printer features: scan in different formats: PDF, JPG, etc. or send a fax;
  • Print wireless using a smartphone app that allows you to connect your smartphone to the printer via Wi-Fi; 
  • Make and publish pictures, videos in several seconds or minutes on social networks; 
  • Write posts on social networks faster and synchronize them between different social networks;  
  • Save time – e.g. compared to PC, smartphone swiping is faster than clicking, so you may prefer to use the smartphone for certain functions: deleting/archiving/inviting to like the page/ marked as unread emails and so on; 
  • Take notes, save trees, avoid printing if not necessary; 
  • Archive documents electronically by scanning and avoiding printing those not needed to have in a hard copy format;
  • Write events, reminders, mementos and tasks in a digital calendar instead of a classical agenda.