Lesson 3 How to Print Less and Work Digitally More – #TO DOs to digitize your documents

#Survey #Statistics #Charts

Use google forms from Google drive as a tool for online surveys instead of paper surveys that, after collecting the data, most probably are thrown away 

#Agenda #Events #post-its #Calendar #WallCalendar 

Replace the annual physical agenda that you probably carry on every day with calendar apps to not miss deadlines, meetings and with apps, stickers to create digital notes 

#Tasks #Notes #Calendar #timesheets #deadline #@tag 

  • use productivity apps and tool apps to write down the notes
  • write stickers, or even handwrite your tasks
  • manage team tasks, deadlines, allocate tasks to the team members 
  • synchronise the deadlines with the events and with all the tasks that have a due time
  • extract timesheets with task and time spent on each project by each person 
  • supervise your team from the distance when working remotely

#synchronise #storage #workfromhome #file #folder #archive #office #accessibility #share #licence #costs 

Use Google Drive as a cloud or to organize the documents in folders per business needs, give different access (view, edit) to the same folder to members in each team

Work in the same place, in the same file at the same time, without worrying that your work will not be saved, use the Office suite apps such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and not only – online and the tools related, collaboration through real time comments and notes

Download supplements of G Drive such as Calendar, Tasks, Keep (for notes) and other tools from Google Workspace Marketplace