Lesson 1 Existing good practices

It is important to know what is already out there, to be introduced in this new world.

Therefore, apart from the good practices we can find online and confessionals, as part of this project, we conducted focus groups in all partner countries and asked existing entrepreneurs how they do it and advice they wished they got and we will be sharing that with you.

Mobile Application – MASTERS

Mobile Application for Skills Training in Entrepreneurship

MASTERS addressed several European as well as local objectives to improve the future situation of young VET pupils regarding their economic situation and foster educational development through ICT-based innovation by upgrading TVET, reducing unemployment, developing basic skills, teaching methodologies, aligning teaching content and promoting entrepreneurship. In the long run, fostering entrepreneurial behavior is beneficial for society, resulting in a skilled workforce and internalized entrepreneurial behavior as a catalyst for growth and productivity. It has great potential of raising the employability rate among young people. Confirming that entrepreneurial skills are already and will become even more important in the labor market.

MASTERS created a network and community of innovative teaching practices among schools, teachers, students, technology providers and teacher training institutes. Evaluations, roadshows and world cafés facilitated valuable insights into the direction of teaching with mobile services and what it takes to be effective, motivating and sustainable all at the same time.

Onno Reiners, Project Coordinator
M.I.T e-Solutions Germany


  • New companies and start-ups are key enablers of green and circular economy business models needed for the transition towards sustainable consumption and production patterns. Under the lead of MedWaves, the United Nations Environment Programme Mediterranean Action Plan (UNEP/MAP) regional activity centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (formerly known as SCP/RAC), enhanced business support services are provided for both business support organisations and entrepreneurs to foster the creation, incubation and acceleration of sustainable business models.
  • How do we do this?
    • By creating ‘Switchers Support National Partnerships’
    • By developing sustainable business development tools
    • By supporting access to finance through the Switchers Fund
    • By building a network of changemakers through the Switchers Community