Lesson 1 How the Apps Can Increase Digital Skills and Make Your Business Life Easier, More Sustainable and More Productive

Save the planet! Use smartphones that are manufactured from eco-friendly materials, recycled glass, PET, natural colorants, etc. to be sustainable

Search for green labels, as ECOLOGO, Carbon Trust Certification – where carbon footprint of the product has been measured and certified

When buying a new smartphone, recycle yours by selling it through applications or programmes that give you a discount when buying a new one or accessories, or give you money back according to its estimated value (see Samsung.com, Apple.com etc.)

Advantages of using smartphones 

There are clear and obvious advantages of using your phone, especially when:

  • you travel or you are on the road 
  • you are far away from your PC or laptop  
  • your laptop battery runs out of charge and no charger plug/ power bank is within reach