Lesson 1: What are fundraising networks?

Fundraising networks is a process that requires time, patience, energy, commitment and trust to the long-term process.

Networking and especially fundraising networks is about cultivating relationships with your partners.

Try to collaborate with people that your relationship has been tested through time or people that inspire you confidence.

A fundraising network is a group of committed supporters that actively raise donations on behalf of an organization to aid it in its fundraising efforts. 

Donors, board members, volunteers, prior customers or graduates, and individuals who just support the organization may all be part of the fundraising network.

The initial network of fundraisers may grow and adapt over time, adding new networks of support, partnerships, and fundraising strategies for SME and nonprofit organizations.


By building a fundraising network:

➢the organization may significantly expand the impact of its own employees.

➢the organization must invest in developing and maintaining the network,

➢fostering leadership among its members

➢providing the tools and motivation for its growth.

Every SME, organization or enterprise should establish and maintain a fundraising network that actively forges relationships and raises funds on behalf of the organization. 

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