Lesson 1 What is Green Economy? Introduction to Green entrepreneurship

What is Green Economy?

An economic system that supports the harmonious interaction between humans and nature and attempts to meet the needs of both simultaneously. It is low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive. Green economists may study the impact of alternative energy sources, sustainable agriculture, wildlife protection, or environmental policies.

Aim of Green Economy:

  • to improve production processes
  • to improve consumption practices
  • reduce resource consumption, waste generation and emissions across the full life cycle of processes and products

The main principles of Green Economy:

1. The Wellbeing Principle

  • A green economy enables all people to create and enjoy prosperity.

2. The Justice Principle

  • The green economy promotes equity, inclusivity and non-discrimination.

3. The Planetary Boundaries Principle

  • The green economy safeguards, restores and invests in nature.

Reflection – The main principles of Green Economy:

Have you seen examples of these principles in practice? What did you like/would change?