Lesson 1 Why are fundraising networks important?

What is a fundraising network?

The concept behind fundraising networks is simple: organizations can raise more when they have a group of committed supporters fundraising on their behalf. These supporters can be donors, board members, volunteers, former clients / alumni, or simply supporters of the organization. The initial fundraising network can grow and evolve, bringing on more layers of support, different coalitions, and employing various tactics to raise money for your non-profit.

It’s a way to exponentially magnify the work of your own staff. Of course, in order for this strategy to work, your non-profit will need to take the time to cultivate the network, support it, develop leaders from among its ranks, and provide it with the materials and motivation it needs to grow and thrive.

Every non-profit, no matter how large or small, should be establishing and supporting a fundraising network that is out making connections and raising money on their behalf. link

Why should you consider hosting a network fundraiser?

Network fundraisers can help your organization expand your reach into your network of supporters. Not only will you be able to build stronger connections with your most dedicated advocates, but you’ll also be able to turn that energy and support into an effective channel of fundraising. Also, part of the appeal of network fundraising for participants is that they get to meet and network with other like-minded folks that are passionate about your cause.

Network fundraising also amplifies your staff and volunteers’ work. While your usual donation asks will go out from your staff and volunteers, you’ll have an additional team of people fundraising on your organization’s behalf. You can double or even triple your fundraising efforts with network fundraising. So, if you’re a nonprofit with a small staff or a nonprofit looking for a way to fundraise without a huge event, network fundraising could be an extremely effective option for raising money.