Lesson 1 Why communication is important?

Like in families, friendships, relationships or at the workplace, communication with donors is crucial in fundraising. It is so vital that your communication efforts determine your fundraiser’s success or failure.


  1. Reaching out to potential donors
    Has someone ever explained a concept to you very well such that you instantly felt invested in the idea? If yes, then you know how important it is to introduce your fundraiser comprehensively.
  2. Thanking your donors
    One of the things you should continuously emphasize is the importance and need to always thank your donors. In addition to the automatic thank you message sent to your donors, it is wise for you to follow it up with a personalized thank you.
  3. Following up with your donor
    Because you, like many of your prospective donors, don’t always have money it is essential to follow up with your donors at different times. Follow up is necessary, especially when the donor asks that you remind them about the fundraiser at another time. link