Lesson 2 Green Branding or Product Image

Green Branding and Product Image I

These questions can help to map the existing brand image:

  • What are the strengths of the brand?
  • What makes the brand unique?
  • What do customers associate with the brand?
  • How strong and relevant are the associations?

It is important to make clear, that Sustainability is really a core value of your enterprise and not just a Greenwashing claim!

Green Branding and Product Image II

These strategies can help to improve your green branding:

  1. Focus on key environmental issues that are important in your industry
  2. Create a page dedicated to sustainability on your website
  3. Become green business certified and display it
  4. Share your sustainability journey
  5. Make sustainability a theme on company social media channels
  6. Show customers the impact they make by choosing your company
  7. Avoid greenwashing in your marketing