Lesson 2: How to Stay Organised Without Papers – Ways to Go Paperless

Practice and encourage paper reuse – do not waste paper used on one side when that does not contain personal data and can be reused for taking notes, accountability, even printing 

Practice and encourage paper recycling – use the proper bin for papers, cardboard, use team building exercises as awareness for developing the team cooperation and its creativity, use the paper that needs to be thrown away 

Create a paperless office policy, office rules  – what to do to have less paper, how  we avoid printing and in what situations; what apps are there to be used to substitute unnecessary printing 

Get rid of the classic pen and paper, take a tablet or smartphone and a stylus or use your fingers

Implement a digital archiving system getting rid of boxes of papers and physical storage space, even archives where you pay for it, save money from less or no storage of physical ( hard) copies.

Use the e-signature – do not print and scan, only when signing contracts or different documents that require signature and/or stamp, sign digitally instead, and put the stamp directly on the PDF or Word documents 

E-Accounting – avoid printing invoices, send them by email instead or via WhatsApp (a good app to use thanks to its read receipt feature) or directly through apps or billing programmes. Also, when receiving invoices, do not print them,  sort and store them electronically instead. It is easier to work with or to send them to a shared folder with your accountant, with real time access to them 

Pay by card or through bank apps, not cash. This way, less paper is being used to make currency paper. Also, use the online proof – bank account statement that is downloaded in pdf and does not need printing. 

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