Lesson 2: Power-UPs

In Trello, there are over 200 integration tools- POWER-UPs available

Jira is an Atlassian product that allows teams to track issues, manage projects, and automate workflow. 

Planyway is an intuitive resource planner tool for a manager to visualise easier the tasks, tracked time, calendar, allocated members, the calendar, the time tracked for each project or for each team member in order to manage the tasks, the projects or business departments and to not overload the team with too many tasks or to miss deadlines. 

Planyway is a multifunctional app correlated with Trello, not only an app, but also an API allowing browser extensions  – sync with Google, Clockify, Toggl time tracker, Google Calendar and other integrative apps. It allows you to automate many processes by doing a few clicks to by establishing rules. 

Planyway key features (more features available on planyway.com/features): 

Keep track of tasks, lists progress, deadlines, build project roadmaps

Multi-board view: connect multiple boards to see and manage them into one page

Group by member, board, list or label:

  • create labels by colours, or check the progress of tasks from cards: e.g. green, yellow, orange, red; done/ to do/ in progress/ etc.
  • group the tasks on the timeline

Schedule tasks: 

  • set dates to each checklist from card, even if it is a task, event, activity
  • assign members to each checklist from the timeline


  • Link cards to show when one card (task) depends on another card (task) when it is a certain order to complete the activities


  • Balance your team workload based on 8 hours per day, 5 days per week or on a daily capacity and see the red flags where the tasks allocated do not fit within the time available per each member

image credit: Planyway.com

Plan all events, meetings, to-dos and move your agenda and weekly activity plan or events planner into one calendar

Google Calendar and Outlook Integration:

  • view and edit  events in Planyway from G Calendar and Outlook Calendar in Planyway and from Planyway edit, add events and see them all together in Planyway

iCal integration 

  • integrate with any calendar for viewing through iCal for Apple devices

Checklist visualisation 

  • set dates to checklist items and see them on calendar (in Trello, without this extension, you can only set dates to cards, and it does not allows you to see shortly from a board or from a list of cards any items from checklists and add features and details to those checklists. There are checklists and you need to open each card to see what tasks it contains

See the calendar activities and events per day, 3 days, week, month or for the whole year

Multi-board view:

  • connect more boards if you are creating one project per board to be able to see all boards (projects) on a single page, helping you to not overload tasks, to reschedule if needed, to change deadlines in case of overlapping and whatever is not feasible

Recurring cards: 

  • set tasks on repeat daily/weekly/monthly/yearly or repeat and set the timeline or deadline, edit if necessary, but the advantage, even at similar repetitive tasks, is that you do not create the cards from scratch


  • get notification for upcoming events, due dates

image credit: Planyway.com

Track time spent on tasks, make your work hours more productive, focus better

List and Calendar view:

  • visualize time records in the list as a total of all cards belonging to that list or in calendar views


  • switch the timer on to track time you spend on a certain card(task) automatically, without having to  separately introduce the task, project, details, clients/members etc.

Export to Excel or CSV: 

  • export any data you need from board, lists, cards, events from calendar, to the Excel, CSV or .JSON format, on columns, rows, where you can also make use of features such  as filters, formulas for time, money ( as Toggl Track which the option to introduce and assign organisation, projects, clients, members, total time per project or per activity, per organisation, per client, and $ – cost per hour or  per project/member to have quick data for payments, or the formal timesheets for employees

image credit: Planyway.com

image credit: Planyway.com

Planyway workflow templates:

  • Project management
  • Agile Development
  • Time Tracking
  • Resource Planning
  • Project Portfolio
  • Weekly Planner
  • Meeting Schedule

Planyway use cases templates:

  • Editorial Calendar
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Support
  • Sales
  • Event Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • HR
  • Education

Event Planning use cases

image credit: Planyway.com

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