Lesson 5: Fundraising tools

Fundraising tools can help an entrepreneur, a small business, or an NGO, in their fundraising efforts. Currently, a plethora of websites and services are accessible (for free or for a fee) to anybody who need them in order to better manage their company and arrange the whole process of obtaining and concluding investments.

  1. Google Apps
  2. Rapportive
  3. CoFoundersLab Templates
  4. Upwork
  5. Toutapp
  6. HelloSign
  7. Crunchbase

Google offers a variety of apps for both new and existing businesses, many of which are free or low-cost. Furthermore, all of these tools work together to boost productivity and communication within your organization. Gmail can help you with your email communications and Google Hangouts lets you video connect with investors, employees, and suppliers all across the globe without leaving your office. In general, Google Apps includes a robust suite of office tools that enable you to create, edit, and share documents and presentations with your team in order to prepare and help you organise your fundraising plan and campaign.

LinkedIn owns this feature, which is incorporated into Gmail. You will be able to discover the essential information taken from LinkedIn for the person behind any email address right in your inbox. LinkedIn is an excellent resource for identifying possible investors and expanding your network of industry connections. It is intended for entrepreneurs and business-minded people to showcase their abilities and expertise in order to attract jobs and/or investors. You should be able to construct a list of possible investors and follow leads with the goal of getting investment funding with a few smart searches. Especially from people with whom you are already in contact. (You can have a free trial or 135€)

From the creation stage through financing, CoFoundersLab takes satisfaction in establishing an ecosystem of various firm goods and services. Through its comprehensive suite of solutions, they assist founders and investors in developing successful businesses by enabling entrepreneurial-minded people to interact effortlessly and easily. At the same time provides a wide range of free resources. Legal agreements, executive summaries, pitch decks, and any other template you’ll need while putting up your documents and fundraising efforts may be found here.

Upwork enables company owners to publish job ads for tasks that need to be completed or to headhunt skilled people with established track records. Rates of remuneration vary greatly, but for the most part, they are fairly affordable, and you can verify that you are only invoiced for work. This tool is excellent for optimizing certain features of your materials such as design, projections.

Toutapp is a program that helps you to monitor your sales, close transactions quicker with a range of productivity tools, and evaluate your sales process to improve the effectiveness of your investment pitch. Toutapp’s appeal is that it will assist you in streamlining your company across each funding round and beyond. I really enjoy their tool that lets you trace who opens your emails.

This website can help you with the remote communication. In some occasions, many of your contacts with customers, employees, and investors will take place remotely. Hellosign can help you to discuss with potential investors on the other side of the world, in a rapid, secure and legally binding manner to agree to suitable documents and at the same time eliminates the need for papers and longer, more arduous administrative procedures.

Crunchbase is the go-to resource for learning about industry trends, investments, and news about hundreds of thousands of public and private firms across the world. Crunchbase is a business intelligence platform that combines strong tools and apps to help startups and Fortune 500 companies remain competitive and profitable.

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