Lesson 5: Use Integration Tools for Apps

API Integration is the connection between two or more applications, via their APIs (Application Programming Interface), that allows systems to exchange data sources. 

Benefits of API integration:

Automation and scalability  allow businesses to grow since they do not need to start from scratch when creating connected systems and application; Streamlined Visibility/Communication/Reporting; Reduces Errors (according to www.gent.com

Increases transparency and makes sure all your employees can access data and collate information quickly – eliminates the need for duplicated data processing, uses a single, streamlined interface to control multiple business operations, keep data in sync, enhance productivity and drive revenue. (according to www.bizagi.com

ASANA – is the leader of Integration Apps with over 150 integrative apps, free, or free trial, subscription per user and/or per month. For example, in Trello App, an app that works with  ASANA integrative tools, there are the so called ”Power-Ups”. 

Apps and utilities, power-ups made by Trello can be installed as mobile apps on iOS or Android and they are divided into the following categories (asana.com): 

  • Analytics & reporting
  • Automation
  • Board utilities
  • Communication & collaboration
  • Developer tools
  • File management
  • HR & operations
  • IT & project management
  • Marketing & social media
  • Product & design
  • Sales & support

Image source: Trello.com (PCC accounts)

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