Lesson 6: Available funding from EU

Loans and venture capital from the EU are accessible to businesses of any size and industry. Anyone can have access and request funding for their SME or Start-up or any kind of business. The EU offers financial assistance and guarantees so that local banks, business investors, and venture capitalists may lend you money or invest in your firm with more ease.

Depending on the nature of your business/project, you may be eligible to apply for one of the EU’s several financing programs.

  1. Direct funding: Here grants are used to provide financing, are often awarded to particular initiatives related to EU policy, generally in response to a public notice known as a call for applications. So you can apply for a grand only if your company or your initiative is linked with EU, benefits EU or contribute to the execution of an EU program or policy.
  2. Indirect funding: It is controlled by national and regional governments and accounts for over 80% of the EU budget. This is primarily accomplished via five large funds managed by the European Structural and Investment Funds:

    ➢European Fund for Regional Development

    ➢Cohesion Fund of the European Social Fund

    ➢Agricultural Development Fund of the European Union

    ➢Maritime and Fisheries Fund of the European Union

To apply for EU funding, please contact the appropriate governing authorities (regional/national) in the EU country where you reside.

Current available EU funds:

  1. COSME programme – provides SMEs with loans of up to € 150,000.
  2. InnovFin Programme – Loans and guarantees for innovative firms, as well as research project financing, are available under the InnovFin Program.
  3. Creative Europe – Loans to SMEs in the cultural and creative industries from Creative Europe.
  4. Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) – Loans of up to € 25,000 for micro-businesses and vulnerable people wishing to start a micro-business, and investments of up to € 500,000 for social enterprises are available under the Employment and Social Innovation Programme (EaSI).
  5. European Structural and Investment Funds – provides loans, guarantees, equity finance, and company awards.
  6. European Investment Bank and European Investment Fund – provides business loans, microfinance, guarantees, and venture capital

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